The National Food Strategy

The National Food Strategy  - so what exactly is it? Commissioned by government last year and published on 15th July 2021, the National Food Strategy is an independent review conducted by Henry Dimbleby, co-founder of Leon and the Sustainable Restaurant Association. In this review, the first of its kind for 75 years, Dimbleby claims that the UK's appetites are “malfunctioning” and poor diets driven by a reliance on processed food contribute to 64,000 deaths each year.

The review suggests ways for creating a food system that reduces the negative impact on wellbeing and the environment. Our food systems currently account for 20% of the UK's domestic annual emissions  - therefore a key hurdle to achieving net-zero. They are also a major driver of soil degradation and the loss of biodiversity.

Among the recommendations is an extra tax of £6 per kilo of salt and £3 per kilo of sugar sold wholesale for use in processed food, restaurants and catering, - a world first. The proposals, which could put 1p on a bag of crisps and 7p on a chocolate bar are receiving mixed responses. Read more about the National Food Strategy.

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