Northampton College gets sustainability boost with Cawleys tie-up

Recently we were delighted to announce that we have been appointed as Northampton College’s recycling partner for its Booth Lane site as part of the institution’s drive to boost its green credentials.

This is a fantastic local partnership that will ensure that the college’s general waste will be recycled using our own cutting edge materials recycling facility that pulls out all recyclables using a series of belts, blowers and pickers. As well as this, the college will now be separating all of its kitchen food waste which we will be collecting on a weekly basis. This food will transported to a separate facility for transformation into biofuel.

This latest initiative is part of Northampton College’s dedication to environmental improvement.

The college has a number of schemes and initiatives in place to protect the planet including the ‘Go-Green Initiative’, which encourages staff and students to consider the environmental impact of the college, and how it can play its part to create a sustainable future. This includes schemes such as reducing single-use plastics and a reusable coffee cup incentive scheme.

All three of Northampton College’s campuses were built to be sustainable and environmentally friendly with features such as a green sedum roof, photovoltaic solar panels and a helical wind turbine.

Commenting on the partnership, Anna Cawley, Director of Customer Service said: “As an independent local business, we are passionate about the community around us. We are delighted to be helping a fellow local organisation become more environmentally friendly and build on its strong foundations. Recycling is extremely important and whilst the ideal solution is to collect different waste streams separately, we realise this is not always possible. Our Materials Recycling Facility is the perfect solution to this problem.”

Bob York, Deputy Director of Estates at Northampton College, added: “Further improving our already strong environmental credentials is a key part of our vision in the coming years. Going green is something that really matters to our students and we want to lead by example.

This enhanced recycling programme is an extremely effective way of making a real difference, diverting unwanted or leftover kitchen waste and turning it into a biofuel – giving it a new lease of life.”

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