Cranfield Sustainability students score top marks with Cawleys

The recent covid restrictions have made it tricky for us to showcase our recycling processes and Materials Recycling facility as we would like, however, that hasn't stopped us sharing the knowledge... Recently a group of students from Cranfield University who are doing an MSc in Management and Corporate Sustainability took part in our online tour. We received fabulous feedback... and they received fabulous marks!

The group were undertaking a project analysing the operational aspects of waste management and were required to understand the workings of our recycling facility, which deals with processing Cranfield's waste.

Our senior account manager, Peter Greig, conducted a thorough online tour of our facility, taking in all aspects of sorting and segregation, and a discussion on the end destination for all the varying waste streams that we collect.

A few weeks later we were delighted to learn that the students had achieved outstanding results for their Managing Operations assignment.

Speaking about the interaction with Cawleys and the student's success, a spokesperson from the University said "This achievement was made possible because of Cawleys' invaluable help and support. Thank you so much for your inputs, we are really grateful !"

We are delighted to be able to help those who are keen to start a career in recycling, and sustainable waste solutions.

Check out our recent video of our facility for more inspiration.

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