Tony Goodman takes semi-retirement and the sales lead on lithium

At the end of 2020, Tony Goodman took retirement from his role at Cawleys and stepped down from the board, but it's certainly not the last time we'll see him. Although Tony has resigned from his duties as a day to day director, he will now be at the helm of our lithium-ion battery sales operation.

For several years now the Cawleys team have been busy developing our lithium battery recycling and waste operation. As electric vehicles increasingly become the norm, used lithium batteries will become common place and disposal routes will need to be firmly established. Here at Cawleys we are already offering storage, transportation, dismantling and recycling services for lithium batteries, and these are growing at a fast pace.

Tony's appointment as business development director within the lithium team will help educate the industry around disposal and recycling solutions. It will also ensure that Cawleys are a key player in extracting the valuable elements found in old batteries so that they can be used sustainably in the production cycle. Tony has been with Cawleys for more than 30 years. Here we chat to him about his years with the organisation and his new responsibilities in the lithium battery recycling division.

How did you come to work for Cawleys?

I joined Cawleys when I sold my Milton Keynes waste disposal business to Jon Cawley in 1990 . Originally I was looking to start a new business in Devon but Jon approached me about taking a sales role with him and i thought, why not!

Which roles have you held at Cawleys?

My first position was as Sales Manager, I was asked to join the Cawley Board of Directors in 2000. After that the team grew slowly and steadily and by 2017 we had a sizeable sales team of 12. In the interim I had taken on the additional role of Operations Director.

What was your biggest achievement at the company?

I am extremely proud of our year on year growth which we managed to attain whilst delivering on a first class service. To this day our business is known for the outstanding service we provide and this is down to working with people who genuinely value the business and the way it operates.

What was your most memorable moment?

Back in 1999 Coca cola had to organise a major product recall due to issues with the carbonation process. I personally negotiated a deal with Coca cola in the US (via a grainy video conference call at 4 am in the morning) worth over £1million. Millions of cans and bottles of coke had to be disposed of within 8 weeks and we managed to ensure all the packaging was recycled and the fluid was put to an early form of anaerobic digestion.

What’s next for you?

Although I am officially retiring from Cawleys I am delighted to say that I will be continuing to work with the business in a consultancy role supporting and driving forward our lithium battery project. I will also be spending more time at my home in Spain soaking up the sun and enjoying retirement with my wife, friends and family.

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