Is your Covid test waste collection compliant?

As the pandemic gathers pace in the UK, those without COVID-19 symptoms will be targeted for coronavirus testing across England. Quick turnaround tests will be given to every local authority in England with the aim of prioritising key workers unable to work from home during the lockdown.

Lateral flow tests, which can return results in as little as 30 minutes, are at the centre of the testing plan and some organisations will be keen to organise their own roll-out of testing to ensure their workforce remains safe and at full force.

For organisations, businesses or educational facilities that are currently open or will be opening in the next few months, testing is a great way to keep the wheels turning and to protect employees and the organisation’s operational needs. However, those who plan to do this will need a way to deal with the waste from the tests. It is imperative that any Covid test site waste is disposed of safely and correctly. Unlike general waste, the Department of Health & Social Care’s Clinical Operating Procedure for Mass Testing with Lateral Flow Antigen Testing Devices stipulates a recommended process by which waste of this nature should be treated. There are strict guidelines to deal with Covid test waste which is classed as chemical waste. As such, it requires specialist treatment due to the chemicals used to nullify the infection.

At Cawleys we are already providing test waste collection services to several universities and business and we can quickly and easily roll this out to any organisation that requires it.  Our collection and disposal methods fully match the government requirements to ensure those rolling out the tests can leave the waste disposal element to the experts. As one of the most trusted waste management providers in the region, we can provide a reliable and flexible service to manage Covid test station waste. We expect demand for this service to be high so if you would like further information or to obtain a quote, please contact us today to ensure compliance, and keep us all as safe as possible.



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