Beware of ‘Zombie Batteries’ this Halloween

Halloween may be the time of year we all become terrified of ghouls and ghosts, but it also coincides with another, more realistic, threat (particularly in the waste industry).....that of 'zombie batteries'. The term, coined by the Environmental Services Association (ESA), is being used this autumn to bring awareness to the risks associated with throwing used (zombie) batteries in with general waste. Using a campaign entitled Take Charge, the association is highlighting the risks and reminding people and businesses that batteries should never be included with general household or commercial rubbish as they pose a significant fire risk.

These batteries are causing hundreds of fires a year at waste and recycling sites, and the ESA are urging people to ensure dead batteries are not thrown away in general rubbish or recycling.

Batteries discarded with general waste are likely to be crushed or punctured during collection and processing and some types can ignite or explode when damaged. This could potentially lead to incidents requiring dozens of firefighters, potentially putting lives at risk.

The solution however, is simple. All batteries, and other toxic or hazardous waste items can be placed in a Haz box, stored safely for a larger hazardous waste collection, or recycled at local retailers and supermarkets. So let's stay safe and dispose of batteries properly. Get in touch to order your Hazbox today.

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