Cawleys goes Electric!

Cawleys has been at the forefront of responsible Lithium Battery Recycling for a good few years now and we have the expertise and experience to safely collect batteries from electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our resident expert in all things Lithium waste, Alan Colledge, is now putting his money where his mouth is and has joined the electric car revolution by ordering a Tesla Model 3 as his next company car!  Alan, who also heads up our Hazardous division, admitted that it's the first time that an Electric Vehicle has made good financial and environmental sense for him as a company car, as opposed to the previous low emission diesels or petrol hybrids available.  Alan has carefully considered his choice and the range offered with the back up of the Tesla supercharger network has helped make the decision easy and we are looking forward to having the car on our fleet.

The Model 3 will be arriving in February and I’m sure we’ll hear some more on the subject as there is already some plans in place to recover energy from the waste batteries collected to help charge the car!


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