Wellness Packs for a Terrific Team

As a family-run business that has been built on many years of dedication and team work, we understand wholeheartedly that our people are the life-blood of our success.

In these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever that we are mindful of the challenges some of our employees might be facing. It has been well documented, that the isolation of working from home can have a detrimental impact on employees. Similarly, those still working on-site can feel lonely or disjointed from those colleagues who aren't able to come in. Add to this the uncertainty around lock-downs, quarantines, economic worries, the demands of home schooling, and of course, the thread of Covid-19 itself, and it's no surprise that people are feeling insecure and uncertain about the future.

At Cawleys, we know that it is impossible for us to alleviate a lot of these worries but one thing we can do was is provide a little reminder that each and every one of our team members is highly valued. Recently, we did this in the form of a special 'wellness pack' containing a number of treats and useful items that we hope will spread a little bit of happiness and good feeling.

The packs have been distributed to all of our employees including; those working from home, those still on-site, and those who are out on the road performing vital waste collections.

So far we have received fabulous feedback from our team who have been surprised and excited about the little delivery.

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