Are you ready to Build Back Better?

Covid-19 has been a wake up call. Business disruption caused by the pandemic gives us an idea of the havoc to be caused by the upcoming climate crisis. Emissions, plastic, food waste, community, diversity, wellbeing are the challenges of a forward thinking business.

Is your business genuinely making an impact in these areas? Are you re-wiring for resilience?

Whilst we are here for your environmental needs, our sister company Veris Strategies supports clients with insight and intelligence, strategy and engagement strategies to drive transformative change for business resilience and a low carbon economy.

As a valued client, I wanted to introduce their new product.  It is an affordable, online 4 step Build Back Better tool which can tell you what your peer group is doing, what the trends are that matter, what your biggest opportunity is and how you communicate it. The first step is a Build Back Better Benchmark which is free for Cawley’s customers.

If you’re not sure where to start post Covid-19, this tool will help. It is built on Veris’ Five Principles of Building Back Better, which are based on the Sustainable Development Goals, and apply to every business and sector. Can your business answer yes to these ten questions:

Being bolder

  1.    How do we make a step-change on climate action?
  2.   How do we put more back into nature than you take out?

 Joining everything up

  1.   Is sustainability at the heart of our operating model?
  2.   Do we only offer healthy, affordable and environmentally sound products?
  3.     Are we helping to shape a just and eco-healthy supply chain?

 Supporting your frontline

  1.   Do we offer fair pay, opportunities and benefits?
  2.   Do we provide workplaces that nurture wellbeing?

Lifting others up

  1.   Are we supporting marginalised groups and our local communities?
  2.   Are we educating and training the citizens of tomorrow?

Working together

  1.   Are we collaborating to make a bigger difference than we can alone?

Contact Veris now to get started and to receive the Build Back Better Playbook

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