Monthly Archives: August 2020

Generating opportunities from Gin

At Cawleys we fully support and encourage our team members in any endeavour that offers them opportunity and growth. So, when we heard about our Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Stacey Lindley’s, start-up distillery business, we were intrigued. The recent pandemic has affected not only the economy and businesses across the board, but also those who…
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New Guidance for WEEE containing Persistent Organic Polutants

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are a group of chemicals that were historically  included in the production of some electrical plastics. At the time, largely before 2009, POPs were used for their fire retardant properties, however, they have since been found to be dangerous. In the past 18 months WEEE waste containing POPs have received more…
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Are you ready to Build Back Better?

Covid-19 has been a wake up call. Business disruption caused by the pandemic gives us an idea of the havoc to be caused by the upcoming climate crisis. Emissions, plastic, food waste, community, diversity, wellbeing are the challenges of a forward thinking business. Is your business genuinely making an impact in these areas? Are you…
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