Earth Day: the press pulls together to report on solutions to save our planet

Wednesday 22nd April is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Five decades ago a group of campaigners took part in a protest demanding reform to address environmental degredation. Since then, the world’s spotlight has been shining brightly on the main issues that have had an impact on our planet. From global warming, to the plastic in our oceans, the world has woken up to the damage we have caused and laws, regulation and guidance have been put in place in an attempt to turn the tide on many of the practices that have led to catestrophic consequences for our planet.

On this 50th anniversary, despite the on-going worries caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the press have taken a break from their reporting of covid-19 to give some airspace to some of the most effective and creative environmental solutions of recent years. Indeed, it has even been suggested that the current crisis may present an opportunity to build a greener economic future.

Look out for informative, outspoken climate coverage in the media all this week.

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