Thank you to our unsung waste worker heroes

In today's uncertain world, it will be those businesses that can support their staff, customers, partners and suppliers, whilst adapting their business models to the new world, that will have the best chance of bouncing back. At Cawleys we understand this implicitly and we are doing all we can to take a flexible approach wherever possible. However, none of this would be possible without the lifeblood of our business - the operations team.

A vital service

Day in day out, the backbone of our company is based on the fundamental service of collecting business's waste and recycling as much of it as possible. Although admittedly, waste collection is not the most glamorous of services, it is a vital one, and the team we have in place to do this has proved to be outstanding in their positive approach and the dedication to their daily collections.

Removal and disposal of any organisation's waste ensures that their premises remain clear, clean, environmentally safe and ultimately, operational. If this waste was allowed to stack up it would decay, smell,  encourage vermin, and become unsafe. Ultimately it would lead to that business or organisation's closure.  During this coronavirus pandemic, keeping our service up and running and available to the clients that need it has been vital.

Quite rightly, the removal of waste is classed as a 'key-service' and many of the clients we serve include hospitals, care homes and the manufacture of essential goods, as such it has been imperative that we continue to provide a top class waste removal to these sectors. This however, hasn't always been easy. As with all businesses, the safety of our workforce is paramount and we've had to make a number of key measures to ensure this.  PPE has been made available to all front-line team members, role and shift changes have had to be made to cover those who have fallen poorly or are in self-isolation, routes and collection schedules have had to been adapted and extra collections and bins have needed to be provided at extremely short notice.

We're so proud of our front-line staff

Like all businesses we are determined to cope as well as possible with the challenging situation and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank our fantastic team - particularly those who are actively visiting sites, collecting waste and driving our vehicles - often the unsung heroes keeping hospitals, care homes and peoples vital places of work clean and safe.

Similarly we would like to thank our customers who during very challenging times have kept us informed of cancellations and suspensions and have been extremely understanding of any alterations that might have had to be made to their schedules.

Like everybody, we have faith that our economy and as many businesses as possible will bounce back from this terrible situation and as soon as we do, we'll be on hand to support with any aspect of waste collection your business needs.

Keep in touch and stay safe - let's keep working together.

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