Flexible collections during the coronavirus crisis

If your business needs to change, reduce or suspend its waste collections, just let us know and we’ll work to accommodate your requirements wherever we can.

It goes without saying that the current coronavirus outbreak has resulted in unprecedented circumstances for everyone across the globe. Although this is a highly worrying time, it has brought people together more than ever and we’re all doing our best to fight the pandemic and keep calm among the uncertainty.

For businesses large and small, the worries go further than the health implications and with all of us being advised to work from home and avoid social gatherings, many of our clients’ businesses – just like our own - are under threat. Whilst the hospitality sector was the first to bear the brunt of the impact, the latest government measures affect ALL industries and individuals.

The one saving grace however, is that we are all in this together and the actions we take now to help each other will make a real difference to our businesses when the crisis has passed. Here at Cawleys, we understand that some of our clients may need to change the services they currently receive from us in a variety of ways. In light of this, we have implemented the following measures to help our clients wherever we can:

  • We will accommodate suspensions and changes of collections regardless of contract
  • We will keep our collection services running to schedule
  • We will ensure that we provide a ‘no-contact’ service at all times
  • We will amend collection types where necessary
  • We will be on hand to provide information and guidance wherever needed

As a family run local business, we are able to respond to change very quickly and are able to adapt to our customers’ requirements.

We know that usual rules may be less applicable at this time. People are naturally wary of germs and infection and this may mean that general waste volumes could increase for some sectors such as essential food retail, food manufacturing and healthcare. For other organisations we know that the situation is going to be extremely hard and that waste collections may need to be reduced or suspended for a month or two. In either scenario we are committed to working with our clients to alter schedules or even suspend collections where necessary.

If you need advice or help with regards to your collection, please give us a call or email customer.services@cawleys.co.uk and we’ll do our best to help.

Let’s try to remember that this is a temporary situation and by working together we will all emerge stronger once the situation resolves itself.




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