Video: Getting kids revved up about recycling

At Cawleys we work with many schools, universities and colleges who are all passionate about doing their bit for the environment.

In lots of cases this starts with taking a mindful approach to waste. Many of these organisations adopt a reduce, re-use and recycle mentality and embrace the virtues of minimising the amount of waste that finds its way into landfill or our oceans and rivers. They do this not only through education but also practical processes in terms of how they collect waste and who they chose as their recycling partners.

As withe everything however, the success of any waste reduction and recycling scheme is reliant on the behaviour of individuals, and what better way to encourage this than engage with people when they are at their most receptive - i.e. in infancy.

With this in mind we've teamed up with a regional university who have produced this fun and engaging video to encourage kids to do their bit for the environment. Take a look and if you're interesting in finding out more about how Cawleys can help your school or college do more for the environment, get in touch.

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