Up for the cup – let’s make a difference to coffee recycling

Not everybody knows this, but because coffee and hot drinks cups are lined with plastic, they aren't that easy to recycle. They have to be transported to one of only three specialist facilities in the UK, meaning that fewer than 1% of them are ever recycled.

With all eyes on the amount of waste that finds its way into our oceans, damages our environment and contributes to greenhouse gasses, coffee consumption and its by-products are high on the agenda. As such, lots of institutions are taking it upon themselves to put measures in place to ensure that the cups they use find their way to the correct recycling facility.

cupNorthampton University for example, has recently launched a recycling scheme entitled 'Up for the Cup', which sees the University joining forces with six other Northampton organisations who are on a mission to up the town’s green credentials. The project has tasked itself with collecting and recycling as many disposable cups as possible to reach a target of 160,000 and Cawleys will play a vital role in collecting these cups and delivering them to correct recycling facility.

More than 8 million disposable cups are used in Northampton each year alone, but the Midlands town is not alone in wanted to cut down the number of disposable cups it uses and increase the recyclng rate of those that are used. Lots of businesses now appreciate the merits of taking an ecological approach to the UK's coffee habit.


The good news is that Cawleys offer an established service that allows your business or organisation to recycle both your its coffee grounds and its disposable cups. By putting both your coffee cups and grounds to work, your organisation could reduce its carbon footprint and save money in the process. We even issue certificates, stickers and logos that can be used on your website and in your offices and premises to promote the fact that you're organisation is taking a sustainable approach to coffee. Find out more information, or contact us for a coffee grounds or cup recycling quote today.






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