5 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Valentine’s Day

With billions of paper cards sent and received, air-freighted red roses, and nylon lingerie sales soaring in February, Valentine's Day isn't known as the 'greenest' of celebrations. So this year, why not demonstrate your love for your planet, as well as your love for your significant other, by ditching the flowers and cards for an eco-gift that really shows your partner how much you care?

1. An Indoor Herb Garden

Flowers are all well and good, but wouldn't your beloved be more enthused by an ecological gift that keeps on giving? Indoor herb gardens are all the very fashionable right now as they allow us mere mortals to maintain lush kitchen herbs that would be the envy of Michelin starred chefs. 

2. Packed With Purpose Gift Box

Packed With Purpose

If you want to shower your partner with eco-friendly gifts and can't decide on one, a gift box is great option. Packed With Purpose does varieties that includes environmental chocolate, lip balm, and body butter from independent retailers.    

3. A DIY Treat Yo' Self Kit

lushcosmetics on Instagram

If you're on a budget, an eco-friendly bag can be a good option — make sure you fill it to the brim with green goodies from a purveyor like LUSH. For the partner who really enjoys a bit of pampering.

4. An Acre Of Rainforest

An Acre Of Rainforest,  World Land Trust

What's more romantic than carving your names into a tree? Funding an entire acre of rainforest of course! The World Land Trust operates a Buy An Acre fund that allows you to fund the protection of rainforest lands across Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina against illegal logging and habitat destruction.

5. Eco-friendly Chocolate

Chocolate is a staple for Valentine's Day, but making sure that a bar has been handled in ways that are environmentally friendly can be tricky. Look for a Fairtrade certified chocolate company that uses  environmentally friendly packaging, or one that donates to good causes such as wildlife protection.We hope you like these ideas and Happy Valentines Day to all of you with love from all at Cawleys

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