Banish Winter Workplace Blues with Solarspot

One of Cawleys newest recycling clients is Solarspot, a Milton Keynes based provider of daylight system sun tunnels.

In high demand from both commercial and residential property owners, Solarspot's glass sun tunnels require a significant volume of packaging to keep them damage-free and in tip-top condition. Much of this packaging is card based, meaning in the organisation found itself with excess card in its general waste. The business owners quickly identified that this clean dry card and paper waste could be put to much better use as a recycling resource.

With our cutting edge recycling facility and local depot in Milton Keynes, Cawleys were the natural choice of recycling partner for Solarspot. As a sustainable business focused on harnessing the sun's natural light in favour of carbon producing artificial alternatives, Solarspot's ethos is strongly in line with that of Cawleys.

So... at a time when dark mornings, dreary journeys to work and dull damp weather mean that natural light is hard to come by, we've invited Solarspot co-owner, Elaine Bailey, to tell us a little more about the dangers of artificial light and how sun tunnels can transform workplaces around the country...

Elaine Bailey, Solarspot:

Working in dull environment or staring at a screen all day underneath flickering fluorescent lights can have negative effects on our health and well-being, especially during the winder months when reliance on artificial lighting increases.

Artificial light is almost impossible to avoid but unfortunately it does have an adverse affect on our physical and mental health. Indeed, it is predicted that by 2020, 90% of our light sources will use LED lighting, meaning that almost everywhere we turn, we'll be exposed to artificial light sources.

Why is artificial light harmful?

Light is made of electromagnetic radiation that moves in wavelengths. These wavelengths vary in size and the size of the wave affects the strength of its energy - the shorter the wavelength, the stronger its energy.

Blue light can be bad

Visible light is one part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see. The eye's retina is exposed to visible light wavelengths between 400 and 700 nm (nanometres), as well as some short infrared wavelengths. Out of all the wavelengths that make up visible light, it is the blue light that is the cause for concern. This is because it has a very short wavelength and therefore a high energy level which can be hazardous to our health.

There is no way to avoid blue light and in certain doses it is beneficial, however when we are exposed to it too often, it becomes harmful. Blue light is more intense in artificial light than it is in natural sunlight.

Research suggests that LED in the artificial light of smartphones, tablets and computers emit blue light at peak emission. The worrying thing is that 43% of adults work in a job that requires the prolonged use of a computer of digital screen, meaning they are exposed to blue LED light. The results of over exposure include disruption to our circadian rhythm, cancer risks and damage to the eye's retina.

Add to this the negatives of headaches, lethargy and eye-strain that can be caused by not getting enough natural light and the case mounts up.

Scary stuff indeed, so harnessing and using natural light sources as much as we can  could make all the difference.

Installing a tubular daylight system in your workplace could be the answer.

Solarspot sunlight systems

Tubular daylight systems can be easily installed, delivering daylight into any office or workplace all year round direct form the roof, via a reflective tube connected to a diffuser in the ceiling.

This light can transform not only the lighting in your office but also your morale as you find it easier to work in a much more pleasant atmosphere. Regular exposure to daylight can increase productivity and make you feel  better during the dark winter months.

Even if the sky is grey and overcast, the Solarspot system will maximise available daylight, flling the workplace with natural light and fill your workforce with more energy.

For more information visit Solarspot or call 01908 299 177

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