Hertfordshire students shun single-use plastic

As the Climate Change summit took place in the US, here in Hertfordshire people were pledging to play their part in helping to tackle the problems of climate change and pollution during Recycling Week.

Recycling Week is a nationwide initiative to encourage people to recycle more, and the only way this can be achieved is by correctly segregating and storing different types of waste.

Waste Awareness Days

Cawleys were a leading exhibitor at University of Hertfordshire's student union Green Week event which took place during Recycling Week.

The Cawleys team were on hand to answer questions about recycling and gather views on whether we really could live in a world without single-use plastic.

Students at the university were also invited to play interactive games to demonstrate their knowledge of correct recycling practice and pledge to recycle more.

Those that participated were extremely passionate about global warming and the small actions they could take to reduce their impact on the environment. Indeed, a sizable  77% of students voted to say they think we could all live without single-use plastic.

Small actions make a big difference

A key message from the campaign was that if everyone, not just students, makes a few small changes it will add up to make a big difference for the world. Over 2,000 people from the local area have signed up to Cawleys Small Action Big Impact campaign so far, and Cawleys to increase this significantly by the end of the year.


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