Robin shuns single use

82 years young, Robin Wegner has long been a pioneer of reduce and re-use. A volunteer at Luton and Dunstable Hospital, we recently met Robin at one of our Small Action Big Impact awareness days during recycling week and we were delighted by her attitude to reducing waste wherever possible.

War time appreciation

Robin told us stories of rationing in war time and reminded us that re-use, recycling and the reduction of food waste is nothing new. She described how she still lives by the same rules today, buying only what she needs and developing 'left-over receipies' so that no food gets chucked away. It comes down to an appreciation for the food and items that Robin feels lucky enough to have have today, that weren't available during war time.

10 year lunch box

Robin is an advocate against plastic pollution and avoids single use plastic full stop. Taking her lunch to work at the hospital in a basic plastic lunch box, Robin revealed that she has used the same box for nearly 10 years - a fantastic example of where durable re-usable plastic has an important part to play in the fight against single use alternatives. Robin first started using the lunch box after her much loved husband died.

Robin explains "After my husband died, I found myself a little lonely and decided to start visiting various National Trust properties and places of interest in the local area - a lot of these attractions had beautiful cafes but they were pricey. Bringing my own sandwiches in a re-usable lunchbox became the perfect alternative."

Robin is the perfect advocate for plastic re-use and long may she carry on doing great work at the hospital.

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