Second Life Coffee

Can you recycle coffee into something else? 

Who doesn’t love coffee? Over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year which people in the UK consumer only 1.7kg of this (one of the lowest amounts in Europe). But once consumers have felt the aroma of coffee enter their system through our receptors, there is a kind of quirky feeling about what happens to all the left-over waste from their favourite hot drink. 

To put this feeling to rest, coffee beans can be recycled in many ways. For example, some companies such as Nat-2 has a line of Coffee sneakers which are made with the remains from coffee. They are brown 100% vegan trainers made from recycled coffee beans, plants and grounds. They also come with the scent of your favourite coffee drinks.


At Cawleys we are partnered up with bio to ensure your coffee ground waste goes to creating something good rather than ending up in landfill and causing harm to our environment. Through a patented process bio bean can turn the grounds collected by us into bio fuel. coffee has a million other uses and we can provide companies with the ability to use the coffee waste again. The smell can be extracted from it to be used within the cosmetic’s industry, grounds can also go to products such as soaps, face scrubs and dye.

It goes without saying that Cawley’s have your coffee needs covered from bean to cup, just click here to find out how to start making your small actions create big impacts. 

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