My experience of ‘Plastic Free Month’

In honour of the plastic free July global movement, I will be choosing to refuse single-use plastics for a month. The hardest part in beginning the cause was to finding replacement for all the products I regularly use which contain plastics. By living plastic free or with reduced plastic, it creates a positive impact on our planet, especially with plastic being such a key cause in the destruction of the planet. This in turn will make the planet a better place for future generations. 

 The first thing that people sometimes get confused about is that they must throw away all the plastic they own, which ultimately isn’t the point. Before I looked at replacing items, I considered how I could reuse the plastic I already owned. If you throw away the plastic it can end up in landfill, especially if it is recycled incorrectly, so it is better if you keep the plastics you already have and reuse them as much as possible.

Another issues I faced is the costing comparison between products that are plastic free and ones that are not. For example, switching to a milkman costs 70p for one pint in a glass bottle compared to just £1.70 for 4 pints in a plastic bottle.

out of sight out of mind

The first change I made was switching away from purchasing milk from supermarkets in plastic bottles to getting my milk delivered by a milkman which comes in glass bottles which can be reused and recycled.  – FIND YOUR MILKMAN HERE 

drinkinh water
plastic fishy


 The second change was to switch my shampoo and conditioner  to bars of the product rather than those packaged in plastic bottles. In using the product i discovered that there seems to be a lot more product than there is with one in plastic bottles, however there is less variations for hair such as mine which is coloured. – FIND YOUR BEST SHAMPOO BAR HERE

shampoo bars
bamboo tooth brush

My main aim is to avoid purchasing any new plastic products and to reuse the ones that were already in the household. For example, after my cleaning detergent had finished, I found a recipe to be able to create a home made one using the same container. Making small changes like this will impact our planet exponentially, reducing the amount of plastic waste in our oceans and landfills.  

 More changes that were made included dental tabs to replace tooth paste, bamboo toothbrushes to replace the guest toothbrushes within the house and finally planting fruit seeds to be able to grow my own fruit and instead of purchasing plastic covered ones from the supermarket.

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