Sustainable Event Waste

Ever been in a muddy field drowned in crushed water bottles and cans? Impulsively brought your favourite dinner from the food stand with the best intentions but with no access to the information you need to make moral choices about your own consumption? Or ever thought about how much energy it takes to power up the entire event?

Events that are good for the environment

Well if you or your company is involved in the organisation of any sort of event, ensuring it is sustainable and leaves a minimal carbon footprint is vital. In today's environmentally aware world, promoting your event's 'green credentials' can encourage visitors, boost your brand and enhance its reputation.

Waste is one area that can make a real difference. Events and festivals have less than savoury reputation for over-use of single-use items, generating high levels of waste and generally leaving an unsightly mess. Cawleys can put into place a system which will sort your disposal needs to prevent drowning in garbage. From food and paper, to metal, plastics and even hazardous waste, your event will need to dispose of these items in a timely, cost efficient and compliant manner.

Sustainable was solutions

The services we offer not only help you save money, they also ensure each waste stream is treated as a resource, delivering sustainable solutions using innovative waste recovery and reprocessing technology. This in turn can allow your event to be sustainable encouraging more consumers to attend due to increased awareness of sustainability.

Cawleys waste solutions

At Cawleys we have the expertise to handle all your collection, disposal and recycling requirements, whatever type or quantity of waste it may involve. Other things you can consider enabling a sustainable event is putting the "Reuse" in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle system into place. What’s better than compostable products? Reusable ones!!!

Cawleys are proud to be providing a sustainable waste solution for Milton Keynes India Day. It's great to go green!  #miltonkeynes

Cawleys can provide a sustainable waste disposal for all events from Sports, Festivals, Agricultural shows, Concerts, Parades and many more. Lets Make a Difference in Terms of Sustainability for Our Events ! #saveourplanet

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