Vigorous vermin, stinky smells: the world of summertime waste

As the weather warms up and we head into the height of summer, waste can become worrisome for some businesses.

Whereas the effects of the chilly British winds and colder climates usually keep pongs to a minimum, still air and rising temperatures mean that waste decomposes more quickly resulting in unsavoury aromas that hang in the air and make the environment somewhat less than inviting.

Avoid a rubbish reputation

Although for some businesses waste smells in segregated outside bin sheds aren’t too much of an issue, for others - particularly those in the hospitality and entertainment sector where outside space is fully utilised in the summer months, - fowl smells and odours can put customers off. Lost customers means lost business and potential a reputation for an unpleasant environment.

What’s more, many businesses experience increased levels of waste during the summer months. This is because us Brits don’t tend to need much persuasion to ‘make the most’ of warm weather whilst it’s here. Spending increases and far more of us head out to pubs, restaurants and leisure facilities.As a result, there are more customers and more waste.

Warm weather, warm waste

Increased waste levels can often result in overflowing bins which means that sacks and black bags often become used as a contingency plan. This combined with warmer weather could lead to environmental issues such as a higher risk of vermin and insects.

The result could mean a bad experience for customers, negative reviews, a bad reputation and potentially a loss of business. These problems become even more prominent when food is included with general waste. This tends to attract even more unwanted verminous visitors and create an even more unwelcome whiff.

Top tips

So, what can be done to combat summertime waste woes?

  1. Choose a waste provider that is reliable: there’s nothing more frustrating than late or cancelled waste collections
  2. Consider having an onsite baler or compactor to keep waste secure and to save space
  3. Arrange a separate food waste recycling collection to ensure food waste is kept out of general waste
  4. Opt for a waste management company that can be flexible on collections if you see an uplift in seasonal waste

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