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Living in the countryside or an historic property has lots to offer. Quintessential British living in a picturesque setting is a highly attractive option but in many cases modern practicality is less available. This is particularly true when it comes to the slightly un-glamourous topic of domestic waste disposal.

Living in a property that is not connected to the main sewerage system means that using a cesspit or septic tank is a necessity. Both of these facilities effectively collect waste water and sewage from any home or premises. A professional agent such as Cawleys, must be used to empty these containers.

So, what’s the difference between a cesspit and a septic tank?

A cesspit is effectively a basic tank that simply acts as a vessel to collect sewage and water waste. Cesspits are usually located underground and sealed so that they don’t emit any odours and environmental contamination. They are usually accessed by manholes which are accessed for collection and removal of the raw sewerage waste.

Septic tanks are slightly different in that they contain a method of treating and draining the waste. Although they are buried underground like cesspits, the main difference is the fact that septic tanks have 2 chambers. The waste runs through the first chamber which effectively separates the solids allowing the remaining wastewater to enter the second chamber where it drains away to the surrounding ground.   This part is known as a ‘soakaway’ and is more efficient than a cesspit as the larger volumes of water can dissipate into the natural water table with no flooding. The settled solids or ‘sludge’ that is left in the initial chamber is then the waste that needs to be removed from the tank by a professional waste company.

Keeping regular

Both cesspit and septic tanks need to be emptied regularly by waste professionals to ensure there are no nasty blockages back to the house!  Cesspits generally need to be emptied more often than septic tanks but if your property has either of these sewage methods it is advisable to set up an on-going service that’s both reliable and competitively priced. The frequency of emptying could be monthly, quarterly or annually but will depend on a number of factors including the size of the property, number of residents and the size of the tank.

Call Cawleys

Cawleys are professional providers of cesspit and septic tank waste collection and can arrange tank emptying at a time and date to suit you. We also offer a number of support services that include line jetting to clear blockages and qualified engineers that specialise in maintenance of Septic tanks and pump chambers who are very useful when systems go wrong.  However, the best way to avoid blockages, flooding or functioning problems is to stick to a number of cesspit and septic tank golden rules:

Golden rules:

  • Only flush wee, poo and paper
  • Never flush sanitary products or wet wipes down the toilet
  • Don’t poor grease, fat or food waste down the sink
  • Do not attempt to empty or clean the tank yourself
  • Do not use bleaches or cleaners on Septic tanks
  • Always keep a record of your waste collection dates and collection supplier

Superb sewage service

If your property has a septic tank or cesspit, Cawleys are a highly experience family run waste disposal company that offers a competitively priced bespoke service. We serve both domestic and commercial customers in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and the home counties.

Our service covers:

Septic Tanks

Treatment plants


Pumping chambers

Drain clearance

Call out service

Drain repairs

Jet washing

If you'd like assistance with your cesspit or septic tank maintenance, cleaning or emptying, contact Cawleys today.

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