Baler Benefits

Balers can bring many benefits to businesses that produce a significant volume of waste. Available for purchase or hire, the competitive rates and potential rebates offered by Cawleys for baled paper card and plastic waste can make them extremely cost effective.

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Benefits include:

  • Reduced volume of waste
  • Compression and compaction
  • Portable convenient bales
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Rebates available
  • Clean environment
  • Rental or purchase
  • Simple to operate
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Put your waste to good use
  • Portable or static machinery
  • Refurbished or brand new equipment

Cawleys can supply the ideal baling equipment for whichever industry you are in.  We'll visit your site and provide a full location audit  to provide advice on the most suitable baler for you . All consumables can also be provided, including baler wire and tape. Upon delivery Cawleys specialists will install, service and maintain the equipment and provide your team with a full demonstration and training on how to safely operate the machinery. What's more Cawleys Customer Service team will also provide support via a direct telephone line and email.

Contact us today for a FREE baler site audit

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