Clever Compactors

Lee Maunder, Engineering Manager at Cawleys uncovers the benefits of compacted waste.

Whatever the nature of your organisation, there is nothing more off putting for your customers or clients than overflowing bins outside your premises. Not only do they give the impression of poor organisation skills, they also impact your organisation’s professional reputation.

Overflowing bins are caused by a high volume of waste but what if the actual volume could be reduced even if the amount of waste stayed the same?

This is where waste compactors can really prove their worth. Whether hired or purchased, static or portable, compactors are the equipment of choice for many organisations that recognise the benefit of organising their waste more effectively. Here’s 5 reasons why:

Money Saving

Waste management companies’ charges are partly based on collection frequency and haulage distance. With a compactor, both costs can be reduced significantly. By using a compactor waste is crushed down as much as possible. This reduces the volume ensuring that it takes up less space, allowing it to stay on site for longer before collection. Fewer collections mean lower haulage and pick up costs. Many companies enjoy a reduction of more than 50% !

What’s more, because the waste compactor is a secure unit, it doesn’t attract vermin and therefore many companies that opt for a compactor benefit from reduced pest control costs.

Environmental Benefits

Waste compactors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the materials they collect can vary enormously. Whether your business uses the compactor for mixed recycling or specific items such as plastic, paper and card, the recycling benefits are enormous. By compacting this waste and storing it in a clean and dry environment, more can be collected and successfully recycled to contribute to the circular economy.

There is also the possibility of receiving commodity rebates on certain volumes of recycled material. In addition to traditional recycling collection, specialist waste management organisations, such as Cawleys, also offer the ability to recycle general waste. This means that if your business decides to use a compactor for general waste, this can still be processed through our materials recycling facility to sort and recover and recycle as much of it as possible.

Convenience and Appearance

Compactors are relatively simple items of equipment and as such they require minimal maintenance and are easy to operate. They keep waste contained in a secure unit reducing the need for numerous bins and the possibility of over-flow. They also occupy minimal space ensuring the outside areas of your business are kept clean and tidy, promoting a professional appearance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, all businesses can benefit from promoting their green credentials. Waste compactors demonstrate an eco-friendly approach to waste. Compaction means fewer collections and a lower carbon footprint.

Health and Safety benefits

A clean environment is a healthy environment. With a compactor, the days of loose waste, dirty or smelly bin areas and the need for pest control, are gone. A clear and safe environment for those who work in your business or live close to its premises is a must for any organisation’s reputation. What’s more, the number of employee injuries incurred by carrying waste could be reduced, as could fire risks and contamination from split liquids for example.

Compelling Conclusion for Compactors

As the points above demonstrate, there are many advantages to having a portable or static compactor at your business’ location.

At Cawleys we can provide compactors for any purpose and the size and design can be carefully matched to your organisation’s waste requirements. For a free compactor consultation or to simply discover more about the service, contact us today.






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