How do you recycle everyday essentials?

Did you know that almost half of all UK households throw away one or more items that could be recycled?

Many everyday items or objects can be recycled and have a second life. From those shoes you no longer wear to the wine corks that have been hanging around since Christmas, take a look at our top tips on what to do with everyday items this spring.

It may seem like obvious one, however, if every person in the UK recycled just 10% more paper it would save approximately 5 million trees each year so we feel its an important one to mention.

Paper and Card

What types of paper can be recycled?

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Cereal boxes
  • Envelopes

Top tip: ensure that all paper or card that you are recycling is dry. If it gets wet, it cannot be recycled.


Still have corks in your kitchen from the festive period? Since most corks are made of natural materials, these can be placed into your home compost bin if you have one but if you do not have one or are looking to give your corks a second purpose; RecorkedUK are a wine cork recycling scheme that strive to serve our natural environment by recycling cork stoppers including the ones that will not break down in landfill.

The corks are sold on, or turned into other products such as yoga mats and cork boards.


For many, the end of winter is a time for jumping back into your exercise routine. If you've motivated yourself to get back in the gym by buying new active wear or simply have some old shoes which haven’t been loved in a while; instead of throwing them out, consider putting them to good use by:

  • If they're still in good condition, donate them to your local charity shop for someone else to love
  • Recycling them to your nearest recycling centre
  • Take them to your local Clarks store who have partnered with UNICEF to distribute your recycled shoes to help poverty in less developed countries


Each year in the UK, 3.6 million pairs of glasses go into the landfill… but they don’t need to!
Whilst you cannot recycle your old specs from home, many organisations exist who will distribute them to those in need in other areas of the world after a good clean and repairs that may be needed of course! Dig them out and help someone today. 


One of the most common everyday object which according to dentists, should be replaced every three months. Whilst it can come in handy with cleaning hacks around the house, we understand if you want to get rid of it… but don’t just throw it out! You can recycle any brand of toothbrush, electric and battery as well as any tubes or caps through the TerraCycle and Colgate programme.

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