The lowdown on liquid waste

As part of our hazardous waste series, Alan College, Senior Manager at Cawleys takes a look at bulk liquid transfer.

What it is? Why does your business need it? And what are the benefits of working with an experienced waste provider to assist with its disposal?

Liquid assets

Many organisations will need to dispose of liquid waste in one form or another. Liquid waste can be either classed as non-hazardous or hazardous for people or the environment. Substances including oil, grease, acid, wash-water, sewage, interceptors and solvents are all types of liquid waste and can be collected in multiple ways included small drums and packages to collecting in bulk quantities in large industrial tankers.

Whatever it’s form, liquid of this nature must be disposed of properly and there are strict rules around how to handle it correctly.  Liquids follow a completely different path to solid wastes and involve specific treatments so as to ensure a safe and compliant final disposal.

Restaurants, garages, laboratories, industrial buildings, hotels, manufacturing organisations and many other types of business produce liquid waste. It can also come in many forms including; clinical waste, paints, resins, dyes, pesticides and chemical waste. The variety of this type of waste stream is huge and it is highly beneficial to always work with a waste manager who has experience and expertise in the transportation and disposal of many forms of liquid wastes.

Secure storage

Often stored in holding tanks, IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) and drums, the containers used may also need to be specially tested if the Liquid waste is both hazardous and classed as Dangerous to transport on the road.  At the very extreme there are even tighter controls to move flammable, corrosive and toxic liquids where the storage and transportation is part of a carefully controlled procedures and working methods.

Professional disposal organisations will not only help with the removal and disposal liquid wastes they can also advise on safety procedures, compliant disposal routes and assist with the required legal paperwork.

Cawleys can help

Cawleys has more than 70 years waste disposal experience and our specialist hazardous division is highly acclaimed in the industry.

Specifically for Liquid wastes our fully equipped range of servicing vehicles include:

  • Fleet of different sized Industrial Vacuum Tankers including ADR capabillity
  • Artic curtain sided trailers
  • 18 tonne curtainside with tail lift
  • 5 tonne box vans with tail lifts.

At Cawleys all our drivers are ADR qualified and managed by two DGSA’s (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors) to offer technical expertise and ensure that our customers are in safe hands.

We can also manage, collect and supply various hazardous drums and packages including:

  • 1000 litre IBCs (intermediate bulk containers)
  • UN approved 205ltr bungtop or cliptop drums
  • Smaller drums from 60-5 litre.

Whether you need a one-off emergency clearance or a structured collection, our fleet and fully trained professionals can collect and dispose of liquid wastes from all types of business, from the tiniest laboratory small to 26,000 litre bulk tankers.

Once collected by our fully qualified team members, your Liquid wastes are disposed of in a controlled, environmentally sustainable and safe manner.

In this highly regulated area of business you need to be sure you are using an experienced and competent supplier. Working with Cawleys Hazardous Services you can be assured of meeting legal compliance and working to environmental best practice standards. For a free quote or liquid waste audit contact us today.


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