Monthly Archives: December 2018

Get to know your dates

Sell by, use by, display until… Many of us are still confused about what these magic dates on food labels really mean, and whether it’s safe to eat once it’s passed the deadline. In a study of 1,500 UK consumers by Mintel, two-thirds said they rely on their own senses rather than dates to decide…
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Is it time to say farewell to the festive Christmas card?

During the Christmas season the UK alone is likely to create around 30% more waste than usual. Wrapping paper, food waste and Christmas trees will all contribute to this worrying statistic and in a world where environmental pollution is a topic of worldwide concern, shouldn’t we be doing more to address this seasonal sin? Of…
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Food Waste Reduction: The business case

A report released by the Champions 12.3 coalition titled The Business Case for Reducing Food Waste outlined the severity of the global food waste crisis and the urgent need for change across companies, cities and countries. The report analysed over 1,000 companies and found a median return on investment of 14:1. Regardless of where your…
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