Coffee Unpacked

Coffee…. It’s what gets us going in the mornings.

 Welcome to your education in coffee, there is so much more to it than just the drink.

Let’s start at the beginning, the coffee. I’m sure as we all know looking for the Rainforest Alliance stickers or Fairtrade symbols makes a difference, but why not go one step further and buy a socially conscious coffee? 


Socially Conscious Coffee

This is where Change Please have stepped in. Started in London they are a social enterprise staffed by the homeless, to help the homeless. Change Please not only supports with housing, bank accounts and mental wellbeing, but they also empower the homeless community by training them to be baristas. Paying staff the living wage on top of this, means Change Please are literally changing lives for the better. And you have a chance to be in on this, their coffee blends are now being sold in Sainsbury’s so even if you aren’t able to stop by one of their carts in London, you can start your day knowing you are helping others. Win, win! 

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Coffee Cups

The multiple designs and styles available on the market means you can express yourself and feel good about using your reusable cup. KeepCup allows you to choose from various sizes and bright, vibrant colours. rCup's let you go full circle with reusable cups made from recycled disposable cups. If you want some more inspo, the Independent has listed their top 9 reusable coffee cups, and provides a neat review of the different features. 

 Office Coffee Cups

Think about your office, there are sometimes instances where you can’t carry your reusable cup around with you and have to use single use cups. Don’t feel bad about this, Cawleys can help. With our cups reprocessing partner we have the ability to recycle coffee cups ensuring that the cups collected don’t just go to landfill. Take a read of our blog “The Truth About Recycling Coffee Cups” to find out more on this.


Coffee Grounds

And finally, the waste coffee grounds. This may not be the part of your morning routine that you’ve ever given any thought to but with people and companies coming up with amazing ideas to help save the planet and ensure resources go further, coffee grounds have become an untapped gold mine!
Cawleys and bio bean have made a partnership to ensure your waste coffee grounds go to creating something good rather than harmful landfill fodder. Through a patented process bio bean can turn the grounds collected by us into bio fuel, cool huh! So what do we mean by bio fuel? Well think about your open fire and the coal or wood that you place on it to burn, this is where bio bean have created Coffee Logs, compacted and treated coffee made to burn longer, hotter and to emit more energy than wood or coal. Not only that but coffee has a million other uses, the smell can be extracted from it to be used within the cosmetic’s industry, grounds can also go to products such as soaps, face scrubs and dyes, the list seems to be a pretty long one.
It goes without saying that Cawley’s have your coffee needs covered from bean to cup, just click here to find out how to start making your small actions create big impacts.

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