Electric Daisy Carnival Will Explode With Colour, Sound And Light But Not With Waste!

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is a one-day electronic party being held at Milton Keynes Bowl on Saturday 9th July 2016. Organisers have appointed a local waste management company, Cawleys, to ensure that whilst the event explodes with colour, sound and light, it will not explode with waste too!

Together with world class DJs, the EDC organisers will arrange a truly stunning production programme; incorporating interactive art installations, dramatic décor and visual effects that will light up the darkness, as well as boasting carnival rides and 500 roaming performers. Originating all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada, the EDC worldwide dance festivals are expanding, with carnivals currently held in Las Vegas, New York, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the UK.

Festivals are notoriously famed for the large volumes of waste generated and the subsequent potential impacts to the environment if it is not dealt with properly. Shockingly, a cigarette butt can take up to 14 years to degrade, and each cigarette can contaminate eight litres of ground water when it’s dropped on the soil. Furthermore, urine in the ground causes acidification and increased ammonia levels in the water table, potentially affecting wildlife and fish on site, and for miles downstream.

Cawleys has been awarded the waste contract for the carnival, and will be partnering with Ryan’s Cleaning. Cawleys will supply two dustcart vehicles to be used throughout the festival and full wheelie bins will be collected by Ryan’s cleaning staff which will be emptied into Cawleys' trucks on site.

Once the festival is over, the Cawleys team will work through the night emptying all remaining waste from the site. Waste collected from the festival will be processed through Cawley's Materials Recycling Facility, where all recyclables will be extracted, ready for second life uses.

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