Small Action Big Impact campaign launched by Cawleys for Recycle Week

Is your company doing its bit for the planet?

According to the latest report from the CBI, three quarters of people in the UK want companies to be environmentally friendly.

The reason why people might feel so strongly about environmental actions at places of work is clear by looking at just a few facts.

Only 9% of all plastic waste in the world has ever been recycled

A study from 2015 estimated that 90% of the world’s seabirds and 25% of fish contain plastic in their stomach.

We're inviting people, whatever they do or wherever they work, to speak out and make a difference to the planet, by making small changes which, added together, can make a big difference to the environment.

The launch of our year-long campaign called ‘Small Action Big Impact’ coincides with Recycle Week 24 – 30th September and will give prizes to the business which has the most staff signing up and making steps to change.

Anyone can take part and sign up at

People are invited to make a new pledge each month, for example, pledging not to use any plastic bags or to recycle batteries properly.

If ten or more people from the same workplace pledge to make changes, the company has the chance to win an Engagement Roadshow for the business.

It is this sort of activity, where people can learn more about recycling and how to minimise the impact of their actions on the environment, which makes a difference.

Anna Cawley, Director of Customer Service said:

"We want to show the world that we can all make a difference to the planet by taking the right, small steps.

"People see our vehicles with the company mission written on them 'Local recycling, global responsibility' and I hope that business everywhere will get behind our campaign to make a difference.

We manage the recycling for 3,000 businesses from Northampton to London. Imagine the difference we could make to the planet and recycling if all the people in those companies made small changes together, it would really have an impact.”

If you'd like to sign up click here

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