Small Action Big Impact

At Cawleys we believe in the power of collective action, and we’re on a mission to make sustainable living mainstream.

That’s why we’re very proud to have launched Small Action Big Impact our very own 12month recycling campaign designed to have maximum impact in protecting the environment and those who live within it. And you can get involved for FREE.


Why recycle?

Dubbed the ‘Blue Planet Effect’, wave after wave of environmental measures have been announced since the BBC programme brought home just how serious the problem with plastic has become. Getting involved in this interactive, high profile digital environmental campaign can really help your company and your employees to make a difference to the problem that we are all facing.

Although many people are fully supportive of recycling initiatives and agree that things need to change, we are well-aware that people lead busy lives and individuals are often overwhelmed with too many personal behaviours to change. Unsure which ones to focus on they often end up not knowing where to begin - that’s where Our Small Action, Big Impact campaign can help.

Designed to keep things positive, simple and easy, we’ve have broken down the big recycling issues into simple actions, with all the tips and tools needed to make it a success – all completely free.

How it works

The campaign will help you and your employees to commit to making small behaviour changes around recycling that will add up to create a big positive impact within your business and on the wider community.

  1. Emails will be sent introducing the campaign, encouraging your employees to sign up at to take part.
  2. Every month employees will receive the monthly SmallActionBigImpact emails directing them to pledge on the site. *
  3. Employees will pledge to try a behaviour change for a month. Over the month users will receive handy reminders and tips by email, linking to further resources on the website.
  4. After the month, employees confirm how they’ve got on, and whether they plan to continue with the pledge.
  5. We will send you an email with your personalised impact report.
  6. Targeting the issues that matter to your employees will connect people to the campaign, so they THINK & FEEL positively about getting involved.

Getting involved

The first month’s pledge is: Living with Less Plastic

There will be a different theme each month, with the aim of gaining individual pledges to taking action on a specific recycling subject.

All past recycling pledges will be archived so users can pledge at any time throughout the 12-months.

The resources page of will allow businesses and individuals to download a FREE communications pack each month which will include printable items such as flyers, posters, fact sheets, social graphics.

Blogs will be updated as well including useful hints and tips around employee engagement to improve recycling and wasting less at home and work.


At the end of each month, every pledge goes into a prize draw and the winner will receive a prize related to that month’s theme (e.g. Chillys bottle for Living with Less Plastic).

Companies with 10+ individual entries will go into a prize draw to get entered the annual company-wide prize.

In addition, at the end of the 12 months the company/client with the most participation (i.e. number of pledges made) will be selected as the overall winner and receive a prize of a free employee engagement roadshow from Veris, as well as a sustainable gift hamper.

Getting your business involved will demonstrate your involvement in a national initiative, connecting your employees to the Sustainable Development Goals and encouraging recycling within your business.

So, what do you have to lose?

Visit the Small Action Big Impact website today and sign up to change your behaviour and change the world.

*Users do not need to log-in, but in order to pledge would be asked to provide details such as name, email and company name, which in turn would allow participation to be tracked by company/client.

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