Monthly Archives: May 2018

What amazing rubbish in the newspapers today!

No wonder the public is confused about recycling when our national newspapers print such confusing rubbish about what can and can’t be recycled. If you read this story in The Sun today, you would think that cans, glass jars, and coffee cups can’t be recycled: Under a photo of six items including crisps, a…
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Charlie’s Coffee & Company

Charlie’s Coffee and Company was established in 2008 by barista, Charlie, who wanted to bring great coffee to the people of St. Albans and achieve her dream of opening a café. From the back of a three-wheeled Piaggio van, Charlie began serving speciality coffee to the early risers at St Albans train station. A decade…
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Is all this bad news about plastic and pollution depressing you?

Well it needn’t because you have the power as a consumer and an employee to make a difference at home and at work. Firstly, you don’t need to feel bad about all packaging. It actually has a vital role to play in reducing waste, and without packaging of some description, far more food and goods…
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