Cawleys’ got coffee recycling covered

You’ll be pleased to know that Cawleys has got coffee recycling covered, with some great solutions for recycling not just the coffee cups, but also the coffee grounds.

We’ve been getting on with the serious business of recycling waste coffee grounds and cups for quite a while now, for example we helped launched the whole of the Canary Wharf Estate as a Clean Coffee Zone last year, which you can read about in the sustainability publication, Edie.

Innovative solutions to coffee waste

At Cawleys, we’ve always looked to science and technology for solutions to waste management issues, and we’ve been especially delighted to work with bio-bean for help with recycling coffee grounds.

bio-bean was the first company in the world to find a way to process waste coffee grounds on an industrial scale, using advanced technology to convert the calorific value in the ground coffee bean waste into biofuels.

Circular economy

Winner of numerous awards and accolades for its ethical solutions to waste management, bio-bean creates Coffee Logs from spent coffee grounds, which are sold in retail and online outlets across the country.

Creating second life uses for our waste streams is vital if we are to make the most of our precious resources. As consumers we can all play a part in the circular economy by choosing products made from recycled material such as bio-bean’s Coffee Logs.

But to be able to buy products made from recycled materials, the very first step is, ironically, to make sure things are thrown away properly.

Correct segregation of coffee grounds

The way to ‘throw away’ your waste properly is to ensure it is segregated in to the key waste components. In the case of coffee grounds this means making sure you collect and store your coffee ground separately to other waste stream.

“There is no such thing as waste, just resources in the wrong place”  Arthur Kay, bio-bean

We totally agree with the ethos of bio-bean which is based on the belief that waste is just a resource in the wrong place; it’s like the gardeners who say that a weed is just a flower in the wrong place

Cawleys makes coffee recycling happen

Our role at Cawleys is to collect that waste, and make sure it is sent to second life uses, which includes working with bio-bean.

Why we love Coffee Logs

Here are six stand out reasons why we love bio-bean’s Coffee Logs:

  1. They burn hotter than wood
  2. They burn longer than wood
  3. They’re suitable for solid fuel stoves and fires
  4. They are 100% carbon neutral biofuel
  5. They are cheaper than other briquettes
  6. They are made in Great Britain

Food, coffee grounds and anaerobic digestion

Many food retailers and out of home food outlets are already sending their food waste to anaerobic digestion (AD), and this is a wonderful way to make a good, positive use of food waste.

Through the process of AD the calorific value of food leftovers is captured as it is turned to a dark liquid soil conditioner, and the methane gas given off in the process is captured to generate electricity.

With the invention of bio-beans wonderful new coffee logs, you now have a choice of routes, with AD being a great solution for all food waste types.

If you would like to recycle your food or coffee grounds, we’d be delighted to help.  With our proven experience you can be confident we’ll treat your coffee with the care it needs, so you can wake up and smell the coffee, while we take care of the waste.




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