Cawleys announces HazBox competition winner

Cawleys announces the winner of its HazBox competition to correctly identify the five items of hazardous waste which are most often thrown away in general waste.

Can you spot the five in our picture? (See bottom for the answers!) 

Is your office safe from hazardous waste fire risks?

One in five people knowingly slip ‘the wrong things’ in general waste, which can pose a fire risk. Our competition was designed to highlight this problem and show people how to recycle small every-day items of hazardous waste safely and correctly through our HazBox scheme.

Claire Fisher, Contracts Co-ordinator - Facilities at West Herts College in Watford correctly identified the top five hazardous items which people knowingly throw in general waste: light bulb, batteries, aerosols, glue or adhesives and empty tin containers.

Winning HazBox

Claire has won a year’s subscription to HazBox from Cawleys worth £270.00. This means she will receive a UN approved and branded 77 litre HAZBOX container, which a special battery collection caddy, emptied twice a year by Cawleys specialist hazardous team.

The bright box is a great visual reminder to staff that their employer has a Duty of Care, and that they have a part to play by recycling small hazardous items correctly.

Having a ‘cheeky chuck’

Research commissioned by Cawleys has confirmed that hazardous waste is a significant hidden problem in the workplace.

The research, conducted among more than 1,000 adults by YouGov, identified that 18 per cent of the people knowingly throw the wrongs in the general waste bin at work.

Young people are the worst offenders, where 30 per cent of 19 – 24 years admit they knowingly throw the wrong things in with general waste at work.

Keeping safe and compliant

Cawleys HazBox subscription service has been designed specifically to deal with this problem, so that every-day items can be stored and recycled correctly in the workplace.

The Environment Agency (EA) provides clear guidance on dealing with hazardous waste

If you have any questions about our HazBox service please call our office on 0845 260 2001 or email

We have also compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions about hazardous waste and our HazBox subscription service which you can find on this page (click link).

Answers to our competition: aerosol can, glue, printer cartridge, battery and a light bulb.

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