Cawleys new office recycling consoles ‘prime example’ of circular economy

Cawleys is launching a new range of office recycling consoles, made from recycled content collected from customers, known as its ‘Infinity’ programme, to celebrate Green Office Week, May 8 – 15 2017.

Businesses who take part in the programme will be contributing to the circular economy, as the new containers will be made with 100 per cent recycled content.  Canary Wharf Management Ltd is Cawleys first customer to introduce the consoles and is using them across its entire 97 acre site.

Cawleys 70th anniversary

Cawleys is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year with a range of new investment and initiatives to highlight its innovation and commitment to the future of waste management.

Anna Cawley, Head of Customer Service, said:

“Since the company was founded by my grandfather and great uncle in 1947 the business of waste management has changed beyond all recognition.  In the next 70 years, we have to change our approach to waste resources and recycling again if we’re going to have anything left to hand over to the next generation.

“We simply can’t continue burning through resources like we do at present; we must make the circular economy work and this is a step in the right direction with collection bins made entirely from waste materials.”

Encouraging greater recycling

Working in partnership with Flute Office Systems which makes the containers, Cawleys is aiming to make the connection between waste, recycling and reuse much more visible in the workplace, to encourage greater recycling of waste resources.

Using the cellulose in every-day materials such as paper, card or textiles, Flute transforms every-day waste into new highly robust products. One tonne of waste collected makes 120 recycling consoles.

In 2016, Cawleys collected 7,735 tonnes of cardboard waste for its customers – a vast resource, which through the company’s new ‘Infinity’ programme, can be made into new office recycling consoles and furniture, helping to keep materials in a closed loop economy.

Office furniture made from recycled content

Cawleys, alongside its client, Kettering Hospital, has also pioneered a new range of office furniture, including desks, shelves, carpets and blinds made from 100 per cent recycled content.

Anna continues:

“Not enough people in the workplace think about, or are able to recycle their waste effectively.  At home, it’s your own responsibility to recycle, but in the work place it’s different.

“When we last surveyed people in 2009, 40 per cent said, “We don’t recycle things very well where I work” and over a third agreed that although they recycle at home they don’t think about it at work.  We’re running that poll again right now during Green Office Week and I would be surprised if this perception has shifted much.

“Our mission is to change attitudes to recycling and really drive the circular economy forward in a practical way, starting with these 100 per cent recycled office consoles.”

The aim of Cawleys’ 100 per cent recycled material containers is to prove to office workers that what is thrown away will come back as something useful, if they collect and store waste streams correctly.

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