Ramp up your cyber security with solid confidential waste disposal

This October is ‘Cyber Security Month’ – a European wide initiative to raise awareness of cyber security threats, promote cyber safety and provide up to date security information.

For example do you know why it is important to make sure you have a different password for each social network or why you should regularly update your anti virus? You can find out more from the European Cyber Security quiz here.

However, it’s not just these good online habits that will protect your privacy and security. Correctly disposing of confidential paper material and electric equipment, such as computers, can be vital to preventing identity fraud and reducing the risk of a cyber attack.

Confidential waste

Businesses not only have a responsibility for safeguarding their own details, but also that of their customers and clients, so it is important that confidential waste is handled appropriately by fully vetted waste operators and in line with BS15713:2009 regulations.

At Cawleys we offer both on and offsite confidential shredding, guaranteeing the destruction of private material. We can also provide secure recycling sacks, secure receptacles and lockable outdoor containment units ensuring the security of confidential waste as it is collected.

The Cawleys team will also provide a full audit trail and a formal certificate of destruction, confirming that all our customers comply with the Data Protection Act. Non-compliance with the Data Protect Act can mean fines of up to £500,000 for breach or unlimited fines in the case of Financial Service Association regulated organisations.

Once shredded all confidential waste is recycled, meaning that organisational environmental practices are not compromised. We’d like to see a hacker try and piece together personal information after it's been through a recycling paper mill and reduced to pulp before re-entering the papermaking cycle!

Personal electronic equipment

It is also vital that personal electronic equipment, such as computers, tablets and mobile devices, are correctly disposed of, making sure that all private information is wiped and irretrievable.

Our Hazardous Services team has a comprehensive WEEE (waste electric and electrical equipment) collection service for businesses, from small shops to large plants, and can provide specialist secure containers, kept on site, to make WEEE recycling as easy as possible. These containers also act as a visual reminder to staff to recycle as much as they can.

Electronic waste can be data wiped and sensitive electrical waste is sent for destruction. Waste is then sent to our Approved Treatment Facilities and we make it our mission to recover as much of the raw materials from electrical equipment such as circuitry, plastics and metals.

Why not use this cyber security month to make sure that all of your personal and business confidential paper and electronic waste is correctly disposed of – another line of defence against cyber criminals.

Give our team a call on 0845 260 2000 or email us at hazardous@cawleys.co.uk.

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