Competitive quotes for construction waste management services

Three quarters of construction companies are now finding that their customers are demanding top ‘green credentials'.*

This means you need to pay much closer attention to your waste management practises.  Managing your resources well -  and that includes your waste resources – will give you tangible proof that you are playing a part in the closed loop economy and minimising your carbon footprint.

But does the company you are currently working with help you to do this?  A top waste management contract should be part of your green credentials and help you win or retain new business contracts.

Look at our checklist below.  If you answer ‘yes’ to at least one of these statements you should check your waste management options, as Cawleys could provide you with better green credentials or costs.

  • I don’t know how far away my waste is taken to be recycled.
  • I think we could improve our recycling and resource management rates.
  • My customers would be pleased to know that we achieve the best recycling rates in the industry.
  • I can’t say with any certainty what percentage of our construction waste is recycled.
  • I’d like to know if we could improve the cost or efficiency of our construction waste management service.

If you would like a competitive quote, a free waste audit or just to know more about what the best recycling rates are in the construction industry, contact Vicki King: , mobile 07827 772556.

*This information is taken from Business Green, conducted by TomTom Telematics which surveyed 149 companies in the UK construction sector.

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