Competitive quotes for food waste and cooking oil collection services: cooking up a treat

Do you produce food or cooking oil waste? Are you worried about your costs? Looking for a competitive and reliable food or cooking oil waste collection service?

At Cawleys, we are specialists in food and oil waste collection. As providers of the first dedicated commercial food waste collection service using Anaerobic Digestion technologies for a leading supermarket, we are experienced, cost effective, and efficient at what we do.

Furthermore, we have been in business for over sixty years and still remain a family business, whereby our bespoke waste management solutions and our customers’ satisfaction is key to our operation.

Anaerobic digestion technology

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a highly advanced technology that breaks down organic food products with bacterial micro-organisms. AD creates biogas, a methane-rich gas that can be used to generate electricity, which is linked directly to the national grid. AD therefore provides an end-to-end recycling process.

Interestingly, by processing the waste through AD when compared to landfill, we are preventing the emissions of 905kg of carbon per tonne of food waste being emitted to the atmosphere.

Cooking oil

Did you know that if you produce waste cooking oil as part of your business, legally you must store it properly, ensure that no oil is allowed to spill, and make sure it is collected by an authorised collector?

Used cooking oil is collected by Cawleys and, using specialist technologies, the oil is recycled into biofuel. The Government strongly backs the recovery of used cooking oil for use as a biofuel because this reduces the use of fossil fuels and thus carbon dioxide emissions.

Here at Cawleys, we have an extensive client list and operate across a wide range of industry sectors; examples include managing waste for universities, a hospital and schools.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and can offer a package that is specifically tailored to your requirements; we have yet to find a challenge that we have not been able to turn our hand to!

Please call us on 0845 260 2000, or email for more information or a competitive quote.

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