Annual Waste Transfer Notes Explained

What is a Waste Transfer Note?

Any business that produces, handles or disposes of controlled waste has a legal obligation to make sure that it is managed correctly under the ‘Duty of Care’ legislation and ‘Waste Transfer Notes’ or WTNs make up part of this process.

Every transfer of waste between two parties must be covered with appropriate documentation, for non-hazardous waste a Waste Transfer Note and for hazardous waste, a Consignment Note – speak to Cawleys’ specialist team for more advice about dealing with hazardous waste.

The Duty of Care legislation requires that all waste is stored correctly and is properly contained; only collected by a register waste carrier such as Cawleys and all collections are covered by a valid WTN. All records, including WTNs, must be kept for at least two years and waste is only taken to an authorised facility.

What has to be included on a Waste Transfer Note?

The WTN has to contain information such as signatures from both parties between whom the waste is being transferred, so a business and a waste management supplier. It also has to include:

  • description of the waste being transferred;
  • how the waste is contained;
  • a copy of the European Waste Catalogue code for waste;
  • a UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 code;
  • a note to show that the waste hierarchy has been considered;
  • amount of waste passed on;
  • list details of the waste producers and collector.

For repeated transfers where the description of the waste and all the circumstances remain the same a season ticket or ‘Annual Waste Transfer Note’ can be issued.

Does this apply to me if I’m not responsible for disposing of our waste?

If you produce waste, but are not responsible for its disposal, such as an office block where communal bins are managed by facilities management team, then your facilities management personnel are responsible for WTNs.

However as a waste producer, you are still responsible for making sure that waste is being correctly handled. The Environment Agency suggests that you have copies of the waste transfer note related to your waste and to ensure that your lease agreement clearly states that the landlord takes responsibility for the waste.

How can Cawleys help?

Cawleys is a family run business for over 60 years and we are well placed to share our waste management expertise. Fully compliant, we can provide advice for a variety of industries including construction, aeronautical and hospitality to name just a few.

We also work with facilities management companies to ensure that waste is disposed of correctly and wherever possible avoiding sending waste to landfill.

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