Pratt’s Bananas

A highly streamlined and efficient waste management service.

Cawleys is proud to have worked for Pratts for several years and to have developed a highly streamlined and efficient waste management service for them. As one of Europe’s key suppliers of bananas and pineapples, impeccable environmental credentials are vital to Pratts, and ensuring no food waste reaches landfill, where it can emit harmful greenhouse gases, is essential. By working with Cawleys, Pratts goes better than this, and makes positive use of all its food produce at every stage in its life cycle.

We help Pratts diverts all food produce which is no longer edible to the best possible use. For example we employ different recycling methods according to individual waste streams, so some food is sent to a local farm to provide a nutritional foodstock.   Where food is not fit for any form of consumption it is still put to a positive use, as Cawleys sends it for anaerobic digestion. By employing this method of resource management the calorific value of produce is never wasted. Through the anaerobic digestion process, it is turned into a liquid soil conditioner which farmers can use to hydrate and nourish their land, while the methane emitted during the process is captured and used to generate electricity in the national grid.

A thriving business with 200 employees and a site covering 80,000 sq. feet.

As you would expect from a thriving business with 200 employees and a site covering 80,000 sq. feet, Pratts also has general waste streams, and these are also collected by Cawleys, with weekly collections from Pratt’s busy yard.  However even this small fraction of general waste is recycled thoroughly.  By passing general waste through its own state of the art Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) we ensure that every resource is segregated and sent to second life uses where possible for Pratts.  We also provide a range of additional services such as roll on containers and pallet collection in response to the business’s requirements, ensuring Pratts always achieves zero waste to landfill and better.

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