Pure as the driven SNO! Top recycling credentials for Xscape at Milton Keynes with help from Cawleys.

Xscape at Milton Keynes is an incredible place to go for a brilliant day out. It’s a number one destination for people who want a taste of skiing at the SNOZone, with over 1,700 tonnes of fresh snow on its long main slope and two poma lifts, great for anyone keen on skiing or snowboarding.

But there’s much more to do at the Xscape in addition to skiing. With a glorious new cinema; a casino, and eighteen food outlets offering every choice of food from A (Ask Italian) to Z (Xpresso Net … ok that’s not a z but nearly!) and all our favorites in between like KFC, Nandos, Wagamama; twenty shops and all the other amazing activities from Airkix to SnoZone (managed to get a Z in there!) one day isn’t nearly enough time to enjoy what it has to offer.

But did you know that it’s approach to recycling and the environment is really great too? This isn’t something you will ever notice when you visit Xscape, as it’s part of the service behind the scenes that helps to keep everything running smoothly for you, but isn’t it nice to know that what looks and feels great on the outside is good on the inside too?

Cawleys started working for Xscape in November 2014 and we help the centre to achieve 100% zero to landfill, and make sure it has a sustainable approach to the serious business of having fun.

We provide the equipment to recycle glass, cardboard, plastic and food, with a compactor on site for general waste and a baler for cardboard, collecting some waste streams up to two times a week. This means Xscape can be thoroughly efficient in the way it segregates, stores and recycles waste.

All this is part of the excellent customer experience Xscape provides, so while you’re whizzing down the slopes or floating on air you can feel really good about the wider environment too!

Xscape at Milton Keynes

Cawleys is based in Luton and has depots in Milton Keynes as well as Wellingborough in Bedfordshire. Because we’re local, we keep transport mileage to a minimum which is another great plus for businesses wanting the best possible approach to waste management and the recycling of onsite resources, at competitive prices.

We like to think Cawleys is the secret ingredient that helps Xscape to be ‘pure as the driven snow’ from a waste management point of view, and we also help a huge range of other businesses in Milton Keynes including offices, shops, garages, food manufactures and warehouses to be whiter than white in terms of their green credentials.

If you would like to know more about how we could help your business recycle waste efficiently please call us for a free, confidential discussion or quote on 0845 260 2000.

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