Food recycling – three good reasons to prevent food waste

Why is food waste recycling such an important subject?

First of all it is just good common sense not to waste food, from the point of view of our own money. WRAP and the Institute of Food Research have estimated that every household in England spends £420 a year on food which is thrown away.

A second but no less important point of view is to prevent perfectly good food being wasted when some people are going hungry, and the Food Bank movement is doing a brilliant job in addressing this subject.  If you'd like to get involved there's a useful map from the Trussell Trust which will help you find your nearest food bank.

The third reason for wanting to prevent food waste is that food, if sent to landfill, rots away and, in the process of rotting, emits methane which is a green house gas twenty times more powerful than carbon dioxide. This is why sending food waste to anaerobic digestion (AD) rather than landfill is such a great option, because through this process the methane which is emitted by the waste food is captured and used to generate electricity.

You can read more about AD on our website or call us on 0845 260 2000 and one of our sales staff will be pleased to tell you more about how you could recycle your food waste.




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