There’s no smoke without fire: recycling wood

If asked to list three materials you regularly recycle, who can honestly say their list would include wood? An article I read recently really struck a chord with me and reminded me how seriously we need to take waste wood recycling.

The article, written in the latest issue of Materials Recycling World magazine, included some good arguments on the commercial issues, especially the questionable sustainability of landfill taxes.

It’s definitely great that people are beginning to think twice about what they send to landfill as they now have to pay to do so, but I think there’s still a lot more we could do. There are a few ways we can all get involved; construction businesses know all wood should be recycled and our colleagues at Cawleys can deal with any commercial waste very efficiently for you.

But what about us at home? Perhaps there’s that old cupboard that you’ve been meaning to take to the tip. Upcycling is a great way to re-use your old belongings by transforming them into something spectacular. Check out these old window shutters which were upcycled into a necklace holder!


Let’s get creative!

Just before I end this post, aren’t you glad I haven’t included any corny puns? Wooden dream of it…

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