Something to blow your mind at Festivals

Did you know there are over 900 festivals held each year in the UK?  About 90,000 people go to the Reading Festival and around 200,000 go to Glastonbury.  I’m going to be one of the numbers at Feastival; chances are you’ll be going to at least one this year. 

But here’s the fact to blow your mind – did you know that a cigarette butt but can take up to 14 years to degrade? And that each cigarette can contaminate eight litres of ground water when it’s dropped on the soil? Amazing, right?!

And what about wee? Urine in the ground causes acidification and increased ammonia levels in the water table. If the thousands of people at a festival don’t use the loo (and it can be tempting not to, let’s be honest) wildlife and fish can be affected on site and for miles downstream. Eew! (see what I did there with wee?)

It’s really tempting when you spend all day at work and home being a good recycling girl (or boy) to let your hair down when you’re a Festival, but you can see now why there just is never a time to ‘let it all hang out.’

Still, it’s easy to do the right thing, so hope you have a great Festival season folks!

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