The power of the KISS

More of us should be asking ‘Where does that come from?’ It’s such a simple question, but it could be so powerful, if more of us asked it more often. Earlier this year a report from IFF Research and Achilles revealed that nearly one in five (18%) companies in the UK holds absolutely no information about their tier two suppliers across the world. 

Imagine if you’re the MD of large manufacturing business and, once a week, a different member of staff asked you, ‘Where does that come from?’ about an  ingredient or key product component your business produces.  If it happened each week it would probably be annoying but would almost certainly cause you to make sure you knew the answer, to modify your behaviour in some way.

This is a great example of why staff engagement is important, because simple questions, and simple actions taken by staff can have a big impact on environmental and ethical behaviour.  It’s about individual’s feeling and seeing that their behaviour – even the most simple of questions – can have an impact on the organisation they work for.

As we’re resource management specialists at WasteSolve, the question we encourage staff to ask most often is ‘Where does that go to?’ to reduce resource consumption and increase recycling and re-use.  But thinking about start of the cycle is just as important.

So that most basic ‘keep it simple, silly’ message can apply even to issues with global significance, because keeping something front of mind is half the battle.

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