‘Green’ makeup – more than skin deep

“Makeup that beautifies us and doesn’t trash the planet” what girl wouldn’t want that? We spend all day looking at business solutions to resource issues, so sometimes it’s nice to take a moment out of the business side of things and think about a few ‘lighter’ things in life like makeup and cosmetics!…

I have a bit of a passion for makeup, so I keep my eye on for the latest products and new seasons colours, but anything which is also saying something new about the environment especially catches my eye.

If anyone else is like me and wants to keep up with the best in cosmetics from an environmental point of view, this blog by ‘Treehugger’ is a great place to start.  This months article ‘10 gorgeous green makeup products worth buying’ is full of great ideas.

Today’s guest blogger is Sara Bell, Client Training & Engagement Specialist at WasteSolve

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