If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there

Trip Advisor is proof that this quote from Robert Kiyosaki is true.  When we go on holiday it’s a massive personal investment for us – of time, money and emotion - so we spend ages investigating before we commit.  We trust ordinary people’s opinions and experience;  want to hear from people who’ve been there, which is why Trip Advisor is so great.

Do we spend as much time investigating our business investments as we do our holidays?  The network site 2degrees is trying to provide this service for us in the sustainability sector.  It’s a place to go and check out what other people are doing to drive up sustainability, push down costs etc. at work.

Doesn’t it make sense to check out what has worked for other people in the workplace before we select a new waste management business partner or commit to a new change programme?  People at work are the same people who go on holiday, so we should check out where they’ve been on their business journey…

“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.”

Keith Ferrazzi

So check out 2 degrees.  At the moment we’re being invited to vote in their award scheme, so see what’s worked best in the your area and most important of all get voting!  Giving your time and opinion generously could help someone else on their business journey.

We have three award nominations for our clients, click on the links here to read about them

Internal Engagement – ‘Ready, Steady, Green!’ Fresh Olive

Interl Engagenent – ‘We Nourish, We Flourish’ Wingland Foods

Waste & Resource Management – ‘The Green Academy’ Westfield Shopping Centres

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