Green fit.

Our household like 99% of the country is a bit lost at the moment. What on earth are we meant to do of an evening without the Olympics to glue ourselves to? Err probably start this legacy malarky everyone’s on about and actually remove oneself from the sofa and actually start doing rather than watching. Although all this watching did feel like we were taking part - it was really quite exhausting and I have dug out my old running trainers from a box within a bag under old toys under the stairs, so does that count?

Anyhow it’s got me thinking, because the Games have been so much more than just sport and winning, it’s got us all raring to go as a nation again, it’s put the Great back into GB again. It’s been the tonic to a ‘broken Britain,’ the event that takes away the awful grey memory of the London Riots; built off that stuff of true British grit and determination.

Give us the Games and we will inspire a generation, Seb Coe promised.  He promised real sustainability, which meant a stadium and an Olympic Park with a very low-carbon footprint; an event with specific green strategies for energy, transport, food supply and waste management; and a very big emphasis on “legacy” – what happens to it all afterwards. That generation we need to inspire.  It’s a pretty accepted fact that the world we live in demands change to overcome our current challenges with resources depleting and raw material costs sky rocketing. Recycling as we all know, is no longer a society need to do but a must do. Becoming less wasteful as a collective and as an individual is a goal we need to reach but often keeping the momentum going and keeping on track can be hard going, not unlike like going to the gym and keeping our own fitness up – we know it’s good for us yada yada but sometimes it‘s easier to follow that old  mañana approach…..  But perhaps Olympic inspiration can help us all keep not only hot bod fit but green fit too?

The Olympics have undoubtedly provided an inspiring template for how large scale infrastructure and social transformations can be achieved. I know I am succumbing to some rose tinted thinking here, but imagine if just a fraction of the political consensus, detailed planning, public enthusiasm, individual, community, and corporate commitment, and indefinable sense of pride that has characterised the Olympics was somehow applied to the heart of your community – finding a cleaner, greener, and happier way to live? Now where are those trainers, time to take dog, small child on scooter and our unintentionally large mass of old wine bottles to the bottle bank. And I’ll see if next door has any too. Getting the village green fit here we come.

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